About the Gallery

A warm welcome to The Quilting Gallery.

At The Quilting Gallery we are passionate about quilting and works of art created out of fabric. It all started as a hobby and over time more and more people expressed their interest in buying a quilt which lead to the start up of The Quilting Gallery.

It is now a small and exclusive quilting business offering exquisite, hand made and machine quilted products of an exceptional high quality.

All products are made with an eye for detail and perfection which make them stand out and desirable. They come with a quality and authenticity certificate and a 14 day full refund guarantee (less shipping & handling costs). As you will appreciate creating quilts of a high quality takes a lot of time and therefore our collection is limited.

Please feel free to contact us with questions, feedback or comments you may have about our products or The Quilting Gallery.

We are looking forward hearing from you.

Happy browsing & quilting.


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